Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Inna Says Goodbye

Here’s my last four animation shots for First Hand Stories:

Initially this shot was longer but we had to split it in two as it got too heavy and Flash would crash all the time. The cross-dissolve effect will be applied later in After Effects.
The challenge with this shot was creating smooth motion path for the geese, especially Goose close-up. Keith showed me couple of tricks how to improve my animation with Grandpa’s hands and geese. I loved the one with making flat geese flip their wings by adding just two extra keys. That was awesome!

This shot was more about acting and tweaking Grandpa which was done under Craig’s and Keith’s supervision. Figuring out smoke effects took some time. While I was looking for the right type of smoke on the database I found a cool campfire and added it to the shot. Making stars twinkle on the background was the easiest. 

Norma and Caribou
After I was done with cloning caribou using three different caribou walk cycles; tinting furthest caribou blue with different percentage so that there is a perspective effect on them, I got stuck with the problem of timing caribou plus their feet were sliding on the ground. Animation awesomeness Keith showed me how to solve that as well and also showed to me some cool cinematography tricks on how to give depth to the shot by adding filters, fog, vignette, etc. One of the best learning experiences ever!

Caribou and Mandala
I rushed this shot as it was my last one as I was trying to finish it and fix all the little flaws that I could see. It was tricky because I had to break the central caribou’s walk cycle and bring it to a nice smooth stop. I had lots of trouble with that. Mandala didn't want to behave neither as it got jumpy and didn't want to sit in one spot. Truck in camera move wasn’t smooth either. Under Keith’s generous supervision I managed to somehow fix some problems but not all of them. I still think it needs a fix.

On my last day on Friday we went to Nirvana restaurant and had a farewell lunch. That was awesome! 

Thank you Keith and Alex and Darien and Craig and Stephan and Julie and Joel and Rich and Peter and Chris and Mike and Jonas and everyone. I have worked with you guys for almost four months and yes it was absolutely amazing priceless experience. Before my summer internship I used to perceive myself more of a character designer but after learning symbol animation and effects and being able effectively work in Flash I did develop confidence as an animator. yeey! I also know better now how to approach my 4th year film. Thanks for the invite to drop by and to ask your advice on my film. It’s very much appreciated! I will!

Thank you so very much! I will miss you awesome Smiley Crew:) See you all on facebook and linkedin!!

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