Monday, June 30, 2014

Inna Moves Mountains

Last couple weeks I have been working on Bead Goose design and Animation(close up) and Bead Mountains design for First Hand stories. For my Goose design I didn't use only Gwich'in design patterns - I have been researching Native American art in general and found lots of Canadian Northwest coast based art which is much more stylized and looks much more in style of Alex’s wolf and Goose(full shot). Here’s what I came up with and some of the research:

My Bead Mountains design I based on Gwich'in floral patterns. At first I took some pieces from my Mandala Design and was trying to make it work but in the end it didn’t look good. It was all messy and chaotic. We liked blue flowers though and Alex suggested to fill the space below with some design elements.
When I did more research I managed to come up with a nicer wave-like pattern that worked better, and I also added
a new flower design in the middle of each mountain to improve the overall look.

Here's my ugly version

Here's my research
And here’s my final version and I already animated the mountains, it took a while but I learned how to apply transparency to the movie clips and how to make camera moves more smoothly:

Excited to start animating Alex’s sleigh but first I need to come up with an alternative sparkle animation, already found a tutorial for it, yey:

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